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О журнале

About the journal

The journal Russian Political Scienceunites political scientists from Lomonosov Moscow State University, representatives from Moscow and regional universities of Russia, as well as foreign research centers.

The editorial board and the editorial review board of the journal have included political scientists of Lomonosov Moscow State University, representatives of the Faculties of Political Science, Philosophy, History, Law, Sociology, Public Administration and the Institute of Asian and African Studies.Beyond that, the editorial board and the editorial review board of the scientific journal comprises the political scientists of St. Petersburg University, Higher School of Economics, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Diplomatic Academy of Russian Foreign Ministry, regional political scientists from the Republic of Tatarstan, the Altai Territory, the Volgograd and the Saratov Regions and foreign political scientists from Austria, Belarus, Brazil, China, Mexico, Poland, USA and Japan.


  • № 5. Russia and China in the globalizing world

    We present the next issue of the journal Russian Political Science, which includes the articles on the relationship between Russia and China in the globalizing world. The editorial board tried to comprise the issue of articles of political scientists from different countries and regions of the world — Russia, China, Brazil, Hungary, Serbia, GUAM island […]

  • № 4. Environmental policy of modern states: science, business, society

    In December 2017, many governmental agencies and public organizations summarized the preliminary results of the Year of Ecology in Russia. The following results were noted: – the Strategy of Ecological Safety of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2025 was approved; – large industrial enterprises launched long-term investment projects aiming at the modernization […]

  • № 3. The researches of young political scientists

    We present a special issue of the journal Russian political science, comprised of the articles written by young political scientists (students, graduate students, young candidates of science). This issue provides an opportunity for early career political scientists to present their researches, to find people of the same views and to continue their professional growth. The […]

  • № 2. Political elections in Russia and abroad

    We present the second issue of our journal Russian Political Science, which is devoted to political elections. The issue includes articles written by political scientists from Russia, Belarus, Mexico and Switzerland. Doctors of science, early career scientists, as well as practicing political technologists present their paper works in the journal. The articles discussing regional elections […]


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