This Agreement is a Public Offer in accordance with Art. 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, containing all the essential terms of the Agreement, of which the will of the person making the offer to conclude an Agreement on these terms with any natural or legal person who has made the acceptance of the offer in accordance with the terms

Autonomous Non-profit Organization “Laboratory of Humanitarian Projects”, hereinafter referred to as “Publisher”, represented by the Chairman Andrey Gorokhov, acting on the basis of the Charter on the one hand and ” Author” (individual, legal entity), on the other hand, collectively “Parties”, have concluded this agreement (hereinafter “Agreement”) on the following:


1.1. The Author, having the exclusive right, transfers to the Publisher free of charge the exclusive rights to use the materials, hereinafter referred to as the “Work” within the limits stipulated by this Agreement and for a certain period of time.

1.2. The author transfers the following exclusive rights:

– the right to publish the Work in the journal Russian Political Science (hereinafter referred to as “Journal”), as well as the right to create a network electronic version of the Work on the basis of the electronic version of the Work provided by the Author, for publishing, republishing and duplication, as well as other reproduction of the Work, including placing on electronic, magnetic, optical and other media;

– the reproduction of the Work in electronic form as a part of the databases developed and distributed by the Publisher, and other variants of electronic reproduction;

– the right to distribute the Work by sale or other alienation;

– the right to make the Work avaliable to the public, including in network and in the Internet;

– the right to present to the public by cable;

– the right to translate the Work;

– the right to carry out the selection or arrangement of material ( drafting), including the right to structural modification, combining of structural units of the Work into collections, highlighting of the parts of the Work;

– the right to use metadata (title, name of the author (right holder), abstracts, bibliographic materials, etc.) of the Work (Works) by distributing and making available to the public, processing and systematization, as well as placing in various databases and information systems;

– the right to translate the Work into Russian, English or other languages.

1.3. All other copyrights of the Work belong to the Author.

1.4. The Publisher has the right to exercise the rights granted under this Agreement in Russia and abroad.

1.5. The Author grants the Publisher the right to use the Work (s) for the entire period of the exclusive right.

1.6. The Author grants the Publisher under the Agreement to transfer the right to use the Work to third parties without paying remuneration to the Author.

1.7. The author also grants the Publisher the right to store and process the following personal data without limitation in terms of time:

  • surname, patronymic;
    • date of birth;
  • information on education;
  • information on place of work and position;
  • information on the availability of published works of literature, science and art;
  • contact details (phone number, e-mail address, etc.).

Personal data are provided for storage and processing in various databases and information systems, their inclusion in analytical and statistical reports, creation of reasonable interrelations of objects of works of science, literature and art with personal data, etc.

The Publisher has the right to transfer the data for processing storage to the third parties, on condition of providing notice of such fact including the information about the third party (name and address) to the Author.

The withdrawal of consent to storage and processing of personal data is made by the Author by sending a written notice to the Publisher.


2.1. The Author is obliged to submit the Publisher the author’s text of the Work (hereinafter the “Manuscript”) in electronic form, considering the requirements for the design and content of the publication of the Work, set out on the website of the Journal ( on the day of its submission.

2.2. The Author is responsible for the fact that the Work:

– is not created in the framework of the Author’s official task of scientific, educational or other institution;

– does not contain borrowed from other authors quotations, parts of the text without proper reference to the original source and authorship;

– is not published in other printed or electronic publications;

– is not a part of a collective work, burdened by the agreement of the authors;

– is not the subject of contractual relations of the Author with other persons;

– does not contain the information and materials constituting a state secret, as well as other closed information for official use, prohibited for publication;

– contains all the envisaged by the copyright law references to the quoted authors and (or) publications, as well as the results and facts used in the Work obtained by other authors or organizations.

2.3. The Work must comply with the current legislation of the Russian Federation at the time of its publication.

2.4. The Author guarantees the identity of the texts of the Manuscript of the Work and its digitized copy.

2.5. The Work is considered to be received by the Publisher, if the material is presented in a complete form and designed in accordance with the requirements.

2.6. The Author is obliged at the suggestion of the Publisher to undertake the improvement or correction of the Work, if the approved Work cannot be released due to circumstances beyond the control of the parties, but it can be made suitable for publication by improvement or correction.


3.1. The Publisher undertakes not to make any changes, both in the Work itself and in its name, designation of the names of the authors, and not to provide the work with illustrations, prefixes, epilogues, comments and any explanations without the consent of the Author.

3.2. The Publisher has the right to correct spelling and punctuation errors found in the Work, and the Publisher undertakes not to make corrections to the texts that may lead to a change in the meaning of the Work and/or in some other way to distort its content.

3.3. The Publisher has the right to use the Work due to the rights and in the ways specified in paragraph 1 (the Subject of the Agreement) of this Agreement.

3.4. The Publisher has the right to publish, republish and duplicate the Work by printing and other means.

3.5. The Publisher has the right to reproduce the Work in electronic form and use it in any lawful way, including by posting on the website of the Journal and other electronic resources of the Internet and other networks to bring the Work to the public.

3.6. The Publisher has the right to distribute the Work both on a physical material and electronic form through replication, sale or other alienation.

3.7. The Publisher has the right to publish and republish the Work in any edition.


4.1. The fact of sending the Work to the editorial office of the Journal means that the Author (the sending party) fully accepts the terms of this Agreement and has given the Work to the Publisher in accordance with the following conditions:

– the Work is submitted in the form of an electronic document;

– the Work is submitted in compliance with the requirements specified in the Rules for the authors of the Journal;

– the Work is accompanied by other elements and documents required by the editorial board.

4.2. The Author makes the Acceptance of the Offer by sending the Work and personal data of the Author in one of the e-mail addresses of the Publisher, specified by the Journal and the Publisher for the purpose.


5.1. All disputes arising out of this Agreement, in case they are not resolved by the Parties through negotiations, should be considered in the district court at the location of the Publisher after two calendar months since the date of the receipt of a reasonable written claim from one Party to the other Party.


6.1. The Agreement comes into force with the Acceptance of the Offer by the Author. The Agreement is valid until the expiration of the rights transferred under the Agreement.

6.2. The Agreement may be extended by mutual agreement of the Parties.

6.3. The Agreement may be terminated by mutual agreement of the Parties.

6.4. Termination of the Agreement unilaterally is possible by a Court decision in the cases established by the current legislation.

6.5. In all cases not provided for in the Agreement, the Parties are guided by the norms of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

6.6. The Parties have agreed to use electronic document management during the execution of the Agreement. All correspondence is made to the e-mail addresses specified in this Agreement and on the Journal’s website (

6.7. The Author confirms that he has read the terms of the Agreement, accepted it and had the opportunity to obtain independent legal advice before agreeing to its terms. The Author fully and unconditionally confirms his consent to assume obligations under the terms of the Agreement. The Author accepts that this Agreement is a complete and exhaustive Agreement between the Publisher and the Author.


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