Regulations on reviewing articles submitted for publication in the scientific journal Russian Political Science

All the articles submitted to the editorial board of the journal Russian Political Science and registered as incoming manuscripts are subjected to mandatory peer review processing in accordance with the Regulations on the Principles of Publishing of the Journal Russian Political Science, the Ethics of Scientific Publications, and in the manner prescribed by this Regulation.

The journal reviews all submitted manuscripts for the purpose of their qualified expert evaluation and subsequent decision-making on the possibility of publication in the journal. All the reviewers are recognized experts in the sub-disciplinary field of the reviewed manuscript, and have publications on the subject in the last 3 years.

Reviews are stored in the Editorial office of the journal for 5 years. Two reviews should be submitted for each manuscript. Reviewers cannot be: a member of the research team, which includes the author (s) of the reviewed work; a multiple co-author of any of them on other works; a supervisor (scientific consultant) of the author (s) – applicant (s) of the scientific degree.

The reviewer gets the texts of the Regulations on the Principles of Publishing of the Journal Russian Political Science, the Ethics of Scientific Publications and the form of the review in the prescribed format. Review of the manuscript is carried out by reviewers within 3 months from the date of its receipt. The reviewer must objectively evaluate the proposed manuscript and make a comprehensive analysis of its scientific, theoretical, methodological, applied, etc. advantages and disadvantages. The review should contain a conclusion about the scientific nature of the article and its compliance with the requirements for publication in the journal. If the review contains recommendations for correction and improvement of the manuscript, the editors send them to the author for the preparation of its new version. In case of refusal of the author to make the correction of the manuscript or in case the corrected manuscript was not returned to the editorial board by the author in 2 weeks period after being informed by the reviewer, the article is withdrawn from registration. The final decision on the publication of the manuscript is made by the editorial board or the Editorial Review Board. The decision is recorded in the minutes of the meetings of the editorial board or the Editorial Review Board. After making a decision on the publication of the manuscript, the editorial board informs the author about the expected date of publication of the corresponding issue of the journal. The editorial board does not acquaint the author with the text of the review. The author of the manuscript is informed of the main result and the key reasons for the decision. The publication sends copies of reviews to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation upon receipt of a corresponding request to the publication.