Internatinaa cimpettin
“The best artcae if a yiung piattcaa sctentst – 2018”

The editors of the journal “Russian political science” call for papers to take part in an international competition “The best article of a young political scientist – 2018”. The competition will be held between individual works of young scientists who are no more than 35 years old or collective of authors.

The key requirements to the works are originality and scientific approach. Papers should be written on one of the conference theme.

Deadline for submissions: the 1st of October 2018

Results of the competition will be announced on the 15th of October 2018, certificates to the winners will be sent till the 15th of November 2018.

Conference themes:

  1. Political systems. Future of the Russian political system. Main tendencies in the development of political systems in other countries.
  2. Regional policy. Key aspects of political life and developments in Russian regions. Regional policy in other countries.
  3. Social policy. Social policy of state actors, charity funds, NGOs aiming at representing civil interests and needs of people.
  4. Civil society and local governance. Key aspects of the development of civil society and local governance in Russia and in the other countries.
  5. World order transformation and global administration. Possible approaches and political technologies of building strong long-oriented constructive relations between Russia and the USA/Japan/Ukraine/Georgia/the Baltic countries. The influence of China and Russia on the process of formation of a new world order. Role and the meaning of international organizations in modern international relations.
  6. Theory, History and Philosophy of politics. Modern problems of the following political spheres.
  7. Political conflict studies. Approaches and ways of implementing political dialogue between conflicting parties in a modern world.
  8. Political psychology. Key aspects of interaction between the subjects of politics according to the political-psychologist approach.
  9. Environmental policy. Ecological conflicts in modern politics: why do they occur and how to resolve them.
  10. Non-commercial organizations and diplomacy. Diplomacy of non-commercial organizations: main features and perspectives.
  11. Sports and politics. Reasons and consequences of politicization of sport achievements.
  12. New digital era. The impact of digital technologies on international relations, state policy and the development of civil society.

We accept only one paper from one participant.

Papers from Russian scientists are accepted on the Russian language.

Papers from international participants can be accepted either in Russian or in English.

The best papers to win the competition “The best article of a young political scientist – 2018” will be published in the next appropriate edition of the journal “Russian political science”.

Winners will receive:

  • Electronic and printed official certificate (diploma) from the journal.
  • A right to publish their paper in the next edition of the journal «Russian political science». – 2018. – №3.
  • A good present

To take part in the competition please fulfil the application and your personal info (please, follow the link: ) and send your paper (formatted according to the requirements) per E-mail: till the 1st of October 2018.

All papers will be estimated by the members of a special commission for the competition. The commission consists of the members of edition office and specialists of the journal. All resolutions of the commission could not be publically published or distributed between the participants. The decisions could not be discussed with the participants. The commission is free, unconstrained and substantive. Appeals to the decision of the commission are not accepted.

On the following link, you can find a template and all the requirements to the papers:

Sponsors: the editors of the journal “Russian political science” and autonomous non-commercial organization “Laboratory of humanitarian projects”