№ 1. The multipolar world of the XXI century

Dear political scientists!

We present you the first issue of the journal Russian political science. On the pages of the journal we will publish topical articles of political scientists of Russia and foreign countries. We believe that the cooperation of political scientists from different scientific schools, different continents and countries will help to create a more stable, safe and predictable world.

Each issue of the journal will be devoted to a specific topic or problem. We begin with the problem of the modern world order, with international politics and international relations. We presume that the world of the twenty-first century is a multipolar world, a worldwith a complex dialogue of different political centers. But the modern world faces many threats and dangers such as international terrorism, environmental problems, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, national and religious intolerance. Modern political science in Russia and abroad endeavors to find ways to solve these problems.

The primary mission of the journal is to acquaint the world research centers with the researches of Russian political scientists, as well as to establish a scientific dialogue between political scientists of different countries. To solve these problems, the journal will be published in two languages: Russian and English. The number of languages in which the journal will be published will increase with the development of the journal.

Political science in Russia has its own history, which, in our opinion, started with the first University in Russia. We believe that political science is impossible without University education and scientific schools. The great Russian scientist, Mikhail Lomonosov,one of the founders of Moscow University, proposed to establish the Department of Politics among the first ten departments. This Department is the starting point of Russian political science, which is currently developing both in Moscow State University and in other universities of the country.

We hope that our journal will be able to unite researchers of Russian and foreign research centers. We invite political scientists to cooperate!

Editorial staff