The editors ask authors to adhere to the following basic
principles of articles

1. The journal accepts articles in Russian in electronic form, in standard formats of Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Writer text editors (extensions. *.doc,*.docx,*.rtf). Since the journal is published both in Russian and English, it is welcome to send the author’s translation of the article into English.

2. The approximate volume of articles — 0.5 copyright sheet (20 thousand characters, including spaces), the volume of the article can be increased in consultation with the editors.

3. Along with the article, metadata must be provided:

3.1. Article title.

3.2. A brief summary of the article, briefly revealing its main content. The abstract should not exceed 1 thousand characters with spaces. The abstract text is not taken into account in the total volume of the article.

3.3. Up to 7 keywords corresponding to the main content of the article.

3.4. For each author must be specified separately:

3.4.1. Surname, name, patronymic (if available).

3.4.2. Scientific status, place of work (if any), city and country of residence.

3.4.3. Email address.

3.4.4. Photo of the author, published with the article.

4. Along with the article metadata in Russian and English are necessarily provided.

5. Only non-textual bibliographic references sorted alphabetically at the end of the article are allowed; use of footnotes for bibliographic references is not allowed.

6. The form of linking bibliographic references to the main text — by specifying the source number in the bibliographic list and, if necessary, citation pages in square brackets.

Permissible designations: [1. — 196 p.] [2. – P. 330-332] [3] [4; 5; 7].

7. Bibliographic references are made in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 7.0.5–2008 “Bibliographic reference. General requirements and rules “and GOST 7.1-2003″ Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description.

General requirements and rules of drawing up”.

Examples of bibliographical references: Download

8. The use of footnotes is allowed only for substantive notes.

9. Illustrations can be embedded in the text of the article. All illustrations (including graphic diagrams and charts) are necessarily duplicated by the authors in high resolution separately from the text of the article. Image area-at least 3 million pixels.

10. The only valid form of highlighting special terms and concepts — italics; not allowed the selection of entire sentences or paragraphs.

11. Tables with more than five columns are not allowed. In the case of vertically oriented tables with a large number of columns, the authors should transpose them or, if this is not possible, cut or split them into parts.

12. In the case of a significant discrepancy between the text and the basic principles of design, the article may be returned to the author for revision or rejected.