№21. Modern Studies of Political Scientists from Different Countries of the World

We present the next English-language issue of the journal Russian Political Science. This journal includes articles by political scientists, researchers from various countries and continents: Russia, Serbia, Swiss, India, Pakistan, the USA, Burkina Faso, the Republic of Madagascar and Portugal.
The first section of the journal includes articles that analyze events from the past, knowledge of which helps to understand the causes of modern geopolitical processes and concepts.
At the moment, when researching and forming the concept of science diplomacy, it does not seem to us that due attention is paid to the history of the origin and development of science diplomacy. One of the versions held by the authors of the article “THE ORIGINS OF SCIENCE DIPLOMACY: INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ACADEMIES, PUGWASH AND DARTMOUTH CONFERENCES” is that science diplomacy can trace its history back to 1899, when the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ACADEMIES (IAA) was established. The article publishes archival materials about the activities of the IAA, about the IAA Congress in St. Petersburg (1913, Russia). In the course of the study, the authors used sources in Russian, English, French and German. The authors of the article cite the memories of Russian scientists V.I. Vernadsky and A.S. Famintsyn, French mathematician G. Darboux, as well as American astronomer D.E. Hale about the IAA. The article contains photocopies of a number of archival documents, as well as translations of such documents from Russian, German and French into English. The article also discusses such systematic forums of the XX century as the Pugwash and Dartmouth Conferences.
The following article, which is also based on historical facts and archival materials, is devoted to the issue of agreements on non-expansion of NATO to the East, which were given to Soviet and Russian leaders in the early 90s of the XX century. The article provides documented evidence from the archives of Russia and the United States that during the discussion of the unification of Germany in 1990, the Soviet leadership repeatedly received assurances that the NATO military-political bloc would not expand eastward to the borders of the USSR, and these assurances were also voiced in 1991 to representatives of the Russian leadership. The article is accompanied by excerpts from archival documents that record the promises of leaders and high-ranking representatives of Western countries not to expand NATO to the East, but to build a common, joint with the USSR/Russia’s security architecture in Europe.
In our journal we continue to implement the project “Russian Political Science — a Space for Dialogue”. Within the framework of this project an interview has been published in this issue, in which the founder and president of the ALFAAZ Society for Education and Culture in Mumbai (India), researcher at the Center for Central Eurasian Studies at the University of Mumbai, Dr. Shoaib Khan and Zafar Iqbal Yousafzai, Senior Researcher for South and Central Asia at the Strategic Vision Institute (Analytical Center in Islamabad, Pakistan).
This issue also includes articles that reveal many socio-political processes in the Balkans, the United States and the African continent.
A very detailed analysis of the situation in the Balkans is presented in the article “Strategic Instability in Balkans as a Consequence of US Foreign Policy” by the head of the Center for Eurasian Studies Dusan Prorokovich.
The journal presents a study by an American scientist, professor of history at the American University Peter Kuznik on the topic “The Dismal State of American’s Political Parties and American’s Democracy” — the author presents an alternative view of the future of the American party system through the prism of its historical development. A young political scientist, PhD of Philological Sciences, Murad Abdullayev published a review of the book Jane I. Smith “Islam In America”.
Articles on migration processes in Africa have been published: “Migration Management in Africa: International and Regional Approaches” and “African female migration in 2010 to 2021”. The research was written by two young political scientists from the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, who represent Burkina Faso and the Republic of Madagascar.
It is necessary to separately note the publication “ICT and the classroom: from the transmission to sharing and from performance to interaction” from Professor Luis Borges Gouveia, representing the University Fernando Pessoa (Porto, Portugal). The article analyzes the prospects and problems of using digital technologies in the learning process.
We express our gratitude to the authors for their intellectual work and wish them further fruitful work. We invite political scientists from different countries to publish their articles in our journal Russian Political Science.
Based on the principles of science, we consider it necessary to admit and recognize different points of view, methods and approaches in research. We are convinced that the cooperation of political scientists from different countries and continents contributes to the formation of a more predictable world, develops science diplomacy and international dialogue on topical scientific issues and problems.

Sincerely, Editor-in-Chief, PhD,
Andrei Gorokhov

The journal is published with the support of the
ANO Laboratory of Humanitarian Projects

Gorokhov Andrei, Viktorovich Zoran, Makoeva Dzerassa
The origins of science diplomacy: International Association of Academies, Pugwash and Dartmouth Conferences

Gorokhov Andrei, Vasilev Kirill
Agreements on non-expansion of NATO to the East are confi rmed by archival sources

Interview with political analysts from India and Pakistan about the Afghanistan situation

Proroković D.
Strategic instability in Balkans as a consequence of us foreign policy

Kuznick P. The dismal state of america’s political parties and america’s democracy

Abdullaev М. Review of the book Jane I. Smith Islam in America

Andrianantenaina Hasinavalona P.
Migration vanagement In Africa: international and regional approaches

Wangraua Sadia Rita S.
African female migration in 2010 to 2021

Gouveia L.B.
Ict and the classroom: from the transmission to sharing and from performance to interaction



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