№10. Political studies in Russia and the world

We present the next issue of the journal «Русская политология — Russian Political Science». This is the 10th issue, which has been published by our editorial office since 2016. This issue was  ublished in English so that more political scientists from different countries could get acquainted with the works of the authors of our journal.

This journal presents political scientists from Russia, Poland, Serbia, USA, Switzerland, India and Canada. The fi rst section of the journal presents articles on the development of political science in modern Russia and a historical article on the infl uence of the Soviet political scientist F.M. Burlatsky on the development of political science in the USSR. It is noteworthy that the fi rst article was written by political scientists from Poland. In addition to the articles in the first section of the journal the information about the books of political scientists from Russia and the master’s  program in English “Global Order — Transformations and Challenges” is published. The program is implemented at the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The second section presents inte rviews within the framework of the project “Russian Political Science — Space for Dialogue”. The project is aimed at developing a dialogue between epresentatives of different political traditions, to establish long-term communication among political scientists, political and public fi gures, scientists, business representatives of different countries and continents. This issue features an interview with the President of Croatia (2000 — 2010) Stipe Mesic, President of the organization East West Bridge Jovan Kovačić and an interview with a professor of history at American University in Washington, Director of the Nuclear Studies Institute Peter Kuznick.

The third section presents articles by political scientists from Russia, Canada and the island of Guam (USA). The presented studies analyze the policy of relations between Russia, China and the United States in Eurasia and the Middle East. Also in this section there is an article that deserves the attention of researchers of the theory of social contract and constitutionalism. The theme of the article: “The People’s Republic of China and The United States of America Constitutional Theory and Practice: Developing an Organic Сontract”.

The fourth section of the journal contains articles on relations between Russia and the European Union and individual EU countries. This section presents an article that analyzes the image of Russia in the Spanish media, as well as an article on the tasks of strategic partnership between Russia and the EU in the fi eld of international security.

The fifth section presents articles that analyze the economic situation in modern India, as well as technology Joys, which is aimed at the development of the digital economy in modern countries. In the sixth section of the article, which dealt with questions of ideology: Panideology and Marxism in China. In this section is also published an article that analyzes the phenomenon of interdependence of the political regime and civil peace in society.

The seventh section presents an article on the impact of politics on the sport of high achievements. The editorial board thanks the authors of the journal and wishes them further success. A team of political scientists and philologists from Russia worked on the preparation of this issue. Of special note is the deputy editor-in-chief Oleg Stoletov, as well as members of the editorial board and the editorial staff of the journal — Elena Vasetsova, Vladimir Boldin, Vladimir Sobolev, Irina Dashkina and Anna Holodkova. Special thanks for translation of articles to Maria Shadskaya and Nastasia Matusova. For the design of the cover a huge gratitude to the modern designer Natalya Androsova. Moreover, this issue would not have been published without the participation of members of the editorial board and the editorial staff of the journal.

This is the anniversary issue of the journal, which is the basis for summing up some results. Since the end of 2016 the editorial board:

  • published ten thematic issues with 158 articles;
  • published two issues in English;
  • the authors of the journal are political scientists from the following countries: Russia, Serbia, Belarus, Tajikistan, Ukraine, China, India, USA, Canada, Switzerland, UK, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Japan, Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Oman and Afghanistan;
  • two special issues for young political scientists have been published;
  • an international contest “the Best Article of a Young Political Scientist” was held, in which 51 political scientists took part. The articles of the winners were published on the pages of the journal. The competition is planned to be held annually;
  • translated and published 9 articles from Spanish into Russian, 8 articles from English into Russian, as well as translated from French into Russian and published one archival material, which was written in Rome (Italy) in the first half of the XIX century;
  • a special project “Russian political science — a space for dialogue” is being implemented for the purpose of constructive dialogue between political scientists, politicians, public fi gures and business representatives from different countries and continents;
  • the website of the journal was created: WWW.RUPOLITOLOGY.RU;
  • work is executed to include the journal in the Russian and international citation databases, at the moment the journal is indexed in the RSCI system.

From the very first issue the main partner of the journal is the Autonomous Non-Profi t Organization “Laboratory of Humanitarian Projects”. The journal is published at private expense.

The editorial Board is opened to cooperation with political scientists from different countries and continents, as we believe that the cooperation of political scientists from diff erent scientifi c schools, different continents and countries will help to create a more stable and secure world. We invite political scientists to cooperate. In 2019, the editorial board plans to publish issues on the following topics:

  • Modern socio-political processes in Eurasia.
  • Research of young political scientists. The third special issue of the international competition “The Best Article of a Young Political Scientist — 2019”.
  • Modern socio-political processes in Latin America.

All the Best, Andrey Gorokhov, Editor-in-chief «Русская политология – Russian Political Science»

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